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Ganesha Festival Photos


During Ganesha Chaturthi you can see Ganeshas in each and every cornors, streets, homes of a city. Even people from other religion also love Ganesha. Salman Khan is quite popular for celebrating Ganesha festival and inviting his colleagues from the industry. While roaming around the city I found lots of Interesting Ganeshas as well as beautiful celebration of the festival every where. Here is the glimps of those pictures clicked by me with my Nokia N73.

Ganesha_Chaturthi_1 Ganesha_Chaturthi_2 Ganesha_Chaturthi_3 Ganesha_Chaturthi_4 Ganesha_Chaturthi_5  Ganesha_Chaturthi_7 Ganesha_Chaturthi_8 Ganesha_Chaturthi_9 Ganesha_Chaturthi_10 Ganesha_Chaturthi_11 Ganesha_Chaturthi_12 Ganesha_Chaturthi_13 Ganesha_Chaturthi_14 Ganesha_Chaturthi_15 Ganesha_Chaturthi_16 Ganesha_Chaturthi_17 Ganesha_Chaturthi_18 Ganesha_Chaturthi_19 Ganesha_Chaturthi_20 Ganesha_Chaturthi_21 Ganesha_Chaturthi_22 Ganesha_Chaturthi_23 Ganesha_Chaturthi_24 Ganesha_Chaturthi_25 Ganesha_Chaturthi_26

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