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Humanity asks for your help

Imagine Yourself  standing in this sudden ocean….
 They are not going to celebrate Diwali this year….

It will take almost a decade to get rid of this deposit of sand.. means no more farming!!

There is nothing like… Nothing will change ….

Something has changed certainly… You people have changed …

If humanity is still alive in your heart ..

Your wont .. ignore this mail …

God in temples don't need your money … but certainly they do..

So Please move ahead … Help Him …

And  Her ………

And enjoy the peace and joy of giving…
It will merely take your 10 minutes and some money, which you would certainly offer to your god someday .. somewhere .. Believe me ..
it will earn you more virtue/grace.
Even in case you can't offer some help .. keep forwarding this mail .. to fulfill one more hope …
1. Write a cheque to *'Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar' A/C No. 10839124928, SBI Patna Secretariat Branch, Patna. *
2. Put your Phone number, name and address on the back of the chq.
3. Deposit the chq to the nearest SBI drop box.
4. Tell your friends, wellwishers, fellows contrymen, global citizens to do the same and increase the awareness of this problem as an international
'Chief Minister Relief Fund, Bihar'
A/C No. 10839124928,
SBI Secretariat Branch,

Chief Minister Secretariat
4 K.G. Deshratna Marg,
Patna -800001

Disaster relief State Control Room Number:
91-612-2217305/ 2215027/6452572
, 2:07 AM

What laptop does steve ballmer use?

This is really one of the funniest photo of a Microsoft conference where the CEO of Microsoft Mr.Steve Balmer himself uses Apple Laptop for his presentation. At initial stages they use to copy everything from Apple. This is what their present condition.

, , , 9:31 AM
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