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Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009 in Pictures

The King of Pop has gone too soon. He always wanted the world to love him before judging him. Yes we all do the same mistake judging people before trying to understand them. Michael Jackson is a gifted child but at the same time he was also a destiny’s child. He had everything he wanted but he didn’t have the thing that he needed the most : LOVE, PEACE and a Good Companion. Every one around him be there for his money. They tried to extract as much as possible from him. But failed to give one thing back that is LOVE. At least now let his soul REST IN PEACE.
 Michael_Jackson_1972 Michael_Jackson_1977 Michael_Jackson_1980 Michael_Jackson_1984 Michael_Jackson_1987 Michael_Jackson_1992 Michael_Jackson_1993 Michael_Jackson_1995 Michael_Jackson_1998 Michael_Jackson_2000 Michael_Jackson_2001 Michael_Jackson_2002 Michael_Jackson_2004 Michael_Jackson_2005 Michael_Jackson_2007 Michael_Jackson_2009

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