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Wake Up Indians Follow Traffic Rules


Our people and our cities are a big mess. People on roads drive so carelessly, and kill people. Look at these photos published by Hyderabad Police to create traffic awareness among it's citizens. It's quite disgusting to see how our traffics look like. 
Dear friends please drive carefully and responsibly, Your fun, carelessness may cost somebody elses lives. Who knows one day you will be the victim. Spread the word and be a responsible citizen. 
While driving Please Remember :
Don't use mobile phone
Don't Drink and Drive
Don't use footpaths
Drive Responsibly & carefully 

The above images are part of a photo campaign by Traffic Police of Hyderabad. (
For the record, road driving sense index of Hyderabad was measured lowest in the country and even far lower than underdeveloped countries.
Wake Up!  India ! …Follow the rules…Make the shift from Barbarian to Civilian way of life.

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